Seven Biggest PR Myths

Seven Biggest PR Myths


This is me. I’m weary after working all day spearheading the logistics, publicity, setup, breakdown, execution and sponsorship for an event. I could barely stand to take this picture. I’m faking the smile on my face. Oh yea. This work is fabulous. I know this work seems fabulous. It’s not. Here are MY seven biggest public relations myths.

1. This work is glamorous.
If you’re thinking about getting into public relations because you want to be seen at the hottest venues or take pictures with celebrities all while wearing the latest fashions, then PR may not be for you. This is real WORK that takes real EFFORT. Remember, it’s not about you; it’s about your client. You get paid to showcase your client in the best light possible. You do not get paid to be fabulous.

2. You will hob nob with celebrities and become rich and famous.
Ok. Maybe you will be rich and famous and hang out with the coolest, most wonderful celebs. But this should not be the goal. Publicists are typically the behind-the-scenes people making big things happen. Sure, some celebrities (or pseudo celebrities) may be around while this happens, but a good publicist is so busy he or she will hardly have time to notice or step into the limelight.

3. You will have tons of leisure time. 
Work in any communication field takes considerable effort. If you plan to work for an established agency, a boutique firm or for yourself, be mindful that you will have to be a master at time management and creating a work-life balance that fits your and your clients’ needs.

4. Publicity is the same as Public Relations. 
Anyone can generate a buzz. However, public relations is the strategy behind the buzz, which includes managing media relationships and protecting and promoting a brand’s positive image, among a myriad of other things – all in an effort to ensure your client is appropriately presented to the target audience.

5. Marketing, advertising and promotions are the same as Public Relations.
The line between public relations and marketing and promotions is getting blurred. Marketing is the strategy of targeting a specified consumer group in effort to get that group to purchase a product or service. Promotions is a subset of marketing in that it may involve strategized product placement; it may also be illustrated in the form of contests or other audience engagements schemes. Advertising is the process of paying for media placements to influence consumer behavior. Public relations is the strategy of messaging in order to present your client’s story to the masses.

6. A publicist is a publicist is a publicist.
Each publicist or firm has a niche – a specialty. Not every client will fit every publicist or firm. Not everyone will work well together. It’s OK for either the client or public relations practitioner to walk away.

7. You can afford to have a bad attitude.
You can’t. And you’d be silly to have a bad attitude in an industry where relationships are key. A good public relations person is able to adapt to any situation and communicate with a myriad of people and build a rapport. After all, public relations representatives work on behalf of other people. Try to think of how you’d want someone to represent you.

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