10 Things You Should Consider When Posting on Your Facebook Business Page

The more people that request to be my friend on Facebook, the more nervous I get.

Because I’m often in the community speaking, teaching, working, or volunteering, I usually get several friend requests on my personal profile page. That people want to connect with me is a wonderful thing. That I use my personal account for, you know, personal things can sometimes be slightly problematic.

It’s not that you’ll ever see inappropriate pictures or posts on my page. It’s not even that I’m not already an open book; I am. My nervousness stems from the fact that my family and closest friends use that platform to share their personal details with me and sometimes I choose to share my personal feelings on certain topics on which a potential business partner or client may not agree.

Fortunately for me, I came up with a great idea! At least, I think it’s great. I have a personal Facebook account, along with a business page for DENOR Brands & Public Relations and a business page for my personal brand (the authentic, professional version of me).

Each of those pages is chock-full of value. I share tips, tools and resources to help people communicate in a more dynamic way. I share news and other information that is relevant to my industry. I discuss topics that are relevant to professionals and entrepreneurs. I share this same content on my personal account. The difference between the business pages and my personal account? My personal details, opinions and thoughts are absent along with the intimate details shared by my family and friends.

Creating a business page for my brand solved my issue of preserving my privacy. But I also found that there are more benefits to having a business page other than privacy. Business Facebook pages give me the option of having an unlimited friend count (instead of the limit of 5,000 for your personal profile), the ability to advertise my page (which you can’t do for your personal profile), and access to Facebook Insights, which provide valuable data to see what types of posts are of most interest to my audience.

It can do the same for you as well. If you don’t already have a business Facebook page for your business or brand, create one! I’ve provided 5 tips as well as 5 call-to-actions for you to try to make sure you are utilizing your business page to its utmost potential.

  1. Share Your Own Content. Feel free to post your own blogs, articles, events and presentations.
  1. Share Others’ Content. Share the content of other people to connect and engage with your audience.
  1. Keep it Relevant. Only share content that is of interest to your ideal target audience.
  1. Be easy to find. Create a vanity URL for your Facebook business page. This makes you more discoverable so that your fans can just go to www.facebook.com/yourbusinessname.
  1. Create a call to action. Because you don’t want your Facebook fans to visit once and then leave, create a call-to-action that asks them to perform a specific task, such as joining your e-mail list or visiting your web site or calling your business.

Take Action.

  1. Trial run. Test engagement for different times of the day. A lot of companies post on Facebook only during traditional business hours. But what if your constituents are mostly abroad? How about those night owls? Tap into your inner scientist and experiment by posting on your Facebook feed during different times throughout the day (and night).
  2. Let the people speak. Launching a new product? Deciding on a new design? Ask your fans for their input and actually act on their feedback. Whether you ask them to vote on a new logo or product color, use their input to reasonably guide the direction of your next business decision. Not only will it increase your audience’s brand loyalty, it also helps you get a sense of what your fan base wants.
  3. Post pins. Facebook allows businesses to pick one post to be featured at the top of your page. So whatever information you’re trying to push, be it a sale or promotion or event, be sure to anchor it to the top of your timeline. To do this, click the down arrow at the top left of your post and select “Pin to Top.” These pins are a great way to highlight your most up-to-date posts.
  4. Show off your milestones. Facebook milestones don’t just have to be about relationship updates or graduations. Highlight your company’s accomplishments, whether it’s an anniversary, meeting a fan growth goal or launching a new product. You can create a milestone in the status update box, then fill in information such as date and location. Be sure to add a picture with each one!
  5. Run targeted ads. Make sure your ideal audience sees your content by purchasing an ad through Facebook so that the platform makes your content makes your content visible to more people. You can target ads to people in different countries, age groups, etc.
  6. Boost your posts. Leverage social media advertising by highlighting your most important posts. For mass messages or offers, you can try purchasing an ad and targeting it to your ideal audience. This process works amazingly well!

Remember: Even though you’re posting on your business page, you want to be as relatable as possible. It’s okay to share more than your own company information – as long as it’s related to your industry.

You should establish your business Facebook page to engage followers with company news, updates, events and relevant content.

Go beyond promotional updates to share quality content on topics vital to your audience’s interests. Set out to enlighten, sharing information that demonstrates your expertise and establishes you and your brand as an industry authority.

Happy Posting!

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