10 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Presence

Social Media is the first thing I look at when I wake up. Yes, I’m one of those people. I find a guilty pleasure in seeing what the world was up to while I was asleep. Did any of my friends get engaged? Did a celebrity scandal break while I was getting some shut eye? Did an industry influencer that I admire accomplish another brilliant feat in the eight hours I was unconscious?

Notice the variety of questions social media can answer. I can get up to date on all of my first-world concerns in a matter of minutes. While social media can fulfill my personal need to be nosy about the rest of the world, it also has the amazing ability of allowing me to join in on whatever conversation the world is talking about.

How POWERFUL is that? You can join in on a conversation with the world with the click of a button and a few key strokes on a keyboard. Imagine using this powerful tactic for your business to stay connected and join in conversations with clients and potential clients! You’d have the perfect exchange – you’d have the ability to share your message, service, and/or product and your client would be able to provide feedback so you can continue to improve your business.

Social Media is a cost-effective way for business owners to keep their clients and prospective clients “in-the-know” if used to its utmost potential. If you haven’t created a social media presence for your business yet, shame on you! Luckily, I’ve provided ten tips followed by pieces of action for you to consider doing while creating a social media presence for your business.

  1. Find Your Place! You may choose to engage in one social network or a few. The key is to only engage in networks that are relevant to your industry or allow the best opportunity for you to connect with your ideal clients.

Take Action: Determine where your target audience is and engage on those networks only.

  1. Connect! Social media is all about connecting with others. Like, follow, monitor important influencers in your industry and in your ideal customer pool.

Take Action: Find and follow at least FIVE people relevant in your industry on your chosen social media platforms.

  1. Join! There are millions of interest-based and industry-specific groups formed on most social media platforms. These groups are filled with users who share content, pose questions, and most importantly, looking to do business with experts.

Take Action: Find and join at least FIVE industry- specific groups on your chosen social media platforms. Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook are great places to start.

  1. Engage! In order to get the most from social media, you must actually be active on social media. This means you should be using your profile to post meaningful content, not observing the activity of others.

Take Action: Be active on social media three times per week. Start by posting something relevant TODAY.

  1. Interact! In order to really grow your presence, respond to people’s comments, pose questions and participate in discussions relevant to your specific industry.

Take Action: Post a question on LinkedIn or Facebook or Google+ and follow the responses.

  1. Share! It’s not just about you. On social media, you can afford to share the spotlight every once and a while. It’s ok to share your links to your blogs or Facebook posts, but be sure you’re sharing the links to other influencer blogs and articles.

Take Action: Share at least two pieces of relevant content from others each week.

  1. Use Hashtags! Hashtags, we used to call them pound signs. Hashtags are a way for social media users to tag their posts with keywords, which in turn make them easier for social networks to organize and users to search. Add hashtags to your post to highlight keywords and important content.

Take Action: Use hastags.org or whatthetrend.com or twubs.com to identify hashtags relevant to your industry. Start tagging your posts with those hashtags. As an extra step, you can also tag the location in which you are interested in doing business and the location in which your business is based.

  1. How do I use Hashtags? Using a hashtag in a social post is as simple as adding the ‘#’ sign before a single word or phrase without spaces or punctuation (numbers are okay). Don’t string too many words together with a single hashtag. If you tweet with a hashtag on a public account, anyone who does a search for that hashtag may find your tweet. Don’t #spam #with #hashtags. Don’t over-tag a single tweet. Use hashtags only on tweets relevant to the topic.

Take Action: Create your own hashtag to promote a specific product, event or service.

  1. Jump In! You don’t have to be invited to the party on Twitter or Facebook or Google+ to make a contribution. If you see one of your followers or followees having a conversation you know something about – jump in! It’s perfectly fine to add your own flavor to the conversation.

Take Action: Use hashtags to identify interesting conversations and jump in!

  1. Listen! Most of us think we’re joining social media to broadcast all of the wonderful news happening at our respective companies. Not true. Social media has given us the opportunity to talk to more people, but it has given us an equal opportunity to listen to more people.

Take Action: Browse the content and interactions in the groups you join. Search hashtags to read the comments associated with it. See what interests your ideal client and your peers. Tailor your content based on their interests. Listen to see what issues they’re experiencing and see if you and your business can solve their problem.

Now, you FINALLY have a social media presence! What now? You’ll want to consider the following questions:

  • Is my target audience using this platform?
  • Are people engaging with me on this network?
  • Am I engaging others?
  • Is it relatively easy for me to be consistent?
  • Am I being consistent?
  • Can I create opportunities to highlight my product or services?
  • Why am I using this network?

Some people will tell you that you should be on each and every social media platform possible to maximize your chances of reaching your target audience. This could not be farther from the truth. You should be very strategic about the social networks you engage in. You should be able to give a solid answer to WHY you or your brand is engaged on whatever platforms you’ve chosen. You ought to be able to create a WHY for each network. If you can’t’, then it’s time to move on. You don’t need to use each and every one of them. Some may not work for your business. Some may be too burdensome for you to manage.

One more thing! Numbers don’t lie, but fake ones do. It’s important to gain a large following. However, it’s more important to have a following that’s connected and engaged in our posts – even if it’s smaller than what you’d like.

Happy Posting!

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