Bigger is Not Always Better

Bigger is Not Always Better

Go big or go home! If I were to record every pep talk conducted by business owners across the nation, I’d bet that you’d hear this mantra, or something similar, recited countless of times to clients and/or employees while encouraging them to reach company goals. And I’m sure that for business owners, this type of verbiage pushes clients to become more determined to accomplish these goals.

However, as a public relations consultant, the mantra “go big or go home” takes on an entirely different meaning for me. My job is to help my clients reach company goals through strategies and tactics for reasons such as establishing the company brand or increasing company exposure for more opportunities of financial gain. Whatever the reason, my client and I have to work together to formulate a plan that will work for his or her company. Factors such as company size, budget, how established the company brand is, etc. determine how we formulate and execute a plan.

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