Don’t fret.

Sometimes we’re too close to the issue to really make the changes necessary for over-the-top success. That’s where I come in with the Brand Audit. I’ll evaluate your business’ branding and marketing strategies to determine where the gaps are, and I’ll help you come with strategies to help fill the gaps and bring you to success!

I’ll give you my proven guidance – gleaned from working with top-notch experts, industry thought leaders and multitalented, world-renowned artists for more than a decade – to help you meet your goals and maximize your potential.

I'll help you get UNSTUCK.

These exclusive one-on-one sessions are great at getting you out of your comfort zone and into a position that’s going to leverage the best parts of who you are to maximize your chances of success. You’ll walk into the process with some obstacles, but you’ll walk out with a plan of action to succeed.


6 Simple Steps


Purchase the mini session. A team member will contact you via e-mail or by phone to ask you some standard questions about what you wish to achieve with your brand and the steps you’re taking to get there. The team member will also e-mail you the official Brand Audit Questionnaire. We use the questionnaire to get further, deeper insights about you and your business.


Complete the Brand Audit Questionnaire. E-mail it to A team member will contact you via e-mail to schedule your mini session with Ashley Northington. At that time you’ll also be e-mailed a link to submit materials you want Ashley to review in time for your session.


Use the personal link provided to you to upload anything on which you want Ashley’s feedback. Feel free to upload your logo, branding materials, white paper, case studies, web links, business plan or ideas. Please give Ashley two weeks to review your materials.


Show-up on the date and time of your 90-minute Brand Audit Mini Session. Sessions can be held in-person at the Nashville office, or online via Skype, FaceTime or other online meeting platform. A team member will contact you in advance to confirm your appointment.


Fourteen business days after your session ends, Ashley will upload a step-by-step action plan for you to follow to meet your goals. The action plan will be derived from the details taken during the first phone call with a team member, the materials you sent for her review, and, of course, the mini session.


Seven business days after you receive your action plan, a team member will contact you to ask if you have any further questions about your plan. At that time, you have the option to schedule a 30-minute phone call with Ashley to review your plan details and ask any burning follow-up questions.


    Author and Coach of #IRiseforLove

    “I love how Ashley helped me craft, communicate and develop my brand story with more depth, enthusiasm, and meaning. Her tips and tools are awesome, and they have definitely added value to the way I plan on branding and positioning myself as an expert. I love her laser-focused concepts and her approach the pyramid of positioning. I really learned a lot of new things to help me better target my ideal audience!”


    “The info and tips Ashley shared with me are both confirmation and mind-boggling. I must tell you that the desire to implement them all has me doing my crazy dance. That’s a good thing.”


    “Ashley gives simple, easy-to-understand instructions that most can follow. Her strategy is outstanding. She truly helped me step up my game.”

    The Ishangi Institute

    “Ashley is amazing! She gave me awesome advice and really helped me understand how to work my networks. I was just touching the surface! I feel that I can do this after talking to her, and I don’t feel overwhelmed because of how she communicated the steps! I’m excited.”

Don’t waste another second. Let’s get started.