BRAND TIP TUESDAY: Get Some Perspective

BRAND TIP TUESDAY: Get Some Perspective


I’m going to share something that most people won’t agree with: feelings and emotions have a place in business.


Feelings and emotions are important in brand building and brand maintenance. Feelings and emotions are what evokes our customers to make a purchase, to trust us, to come back to us – repeatedly.


Yes. Feelings matter. Emotions matter. They matter a great deal.


The key is making those feelings and emotions work to your advantage. You do this by relating to your customer.


You should relate to the clients or customers of your DREAMS. Not those with whom you don’t have a passion for helping. This group of people may not even be your current customer base. However, when you are gearing up to build the brand you desire, you need to be sure you’re specifically and strategically communicating with those who fit your ideal client type.


So how do we relate to these ideal clients, Ashley?


Good question. You relate to these people by shifting your energy and your thoughts to understand their feelings. You need to understand what they want and what they need. You absolutely need to get clear on their perspective. Only then can you develop clear, compelling messages about your business and its happenings.


Many times we get caught up in how WE think, what WE feel, what WE want to say and what WE want to do.
Instead, we should focus our thoughts on how we want our customer to Think, Feel, Say and Do as it relates to your offering. Figuring this out will help you zero in on your customer’s perspective.


The Customer Perspective Map will help you tap into your customer’s feelings to develop a customer-focused message about your business and its offerings. The messages you come up with will be what you use to market to your ideal customer base.


Here’s what you need to do:


Evaluate your brand at present.


What do your customers say about you?

How do your customers feel about you?

How do they feel/what do they think when they:

  • Visit your web site
  • Visit your sales page(s)
  • Read your blog
  • Read your social media posts
  • Speak to you
  • Email you
  • Interact in person with you or a member of your team?


Now, download the customer perspective map. Print two copies. Use one copy to write down the answers from the questions above in each quadrant.


In your Think Box, write down everything you currently think your ideal customer to think about your business. In your Feel Box, write down everything you think your customer currently  feels about your product or service. Do the same things for what your Say and Do boxes.


Next, think about how you WANT them to think, feel, say and do.


Take the remaining copy to write down how you want your customers to think, feel, say and do.


Use these lists to develop a clear message that will attract your ideal client to your business.


Take it a step further and make sure each aspect of your business – including your web site, social media, phone calls, in-person interactions, etc. match what you want.

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