BRAND TIP TUESDAY: Get Your Systems In Check

BRAND TIP TUESDAY: Get Your Systems In Check


One critical component to building a dynamic brand is to make sure your customers have an extraordinary experience each and every time they do business with you.


Their experiences have to be identical. The way to ensure this is to develop a strong system or process for each task, when necessary.


Some things to consider is relating to customer experience is to map out exactly what will happen once s/he purchases a product or service from you, or what happens when you meet a new person or potential customer. Will you call? Email? Send a thank-you note? Will it happen the next day? The next week? The next month?


Your Homework:


Write down each milestone you experience as you court new business. For example, here are some milestones you may write down:


  • Meet Potential Customer
  • Set Up a Meeting
  • Make a Sales Pitch
  • Customer Makes Purchase


Next, write down what steps you will take after each milestone happens. Include the timeline of when each step should occur.


Here is my example for the first milestone:


Meet Potential Customer


Here is my timeline of what would happen after I meet the customer:

Next Day
: Send an e-mail.
Two Weeks: Send postcard or handwritten thank-you note to highlight benefits of doing business.
Two Weeks: Follow up call to set up face-to-face meeting.
Two Weeks: Face-to-Face Meeting
Next Day: Send an e-mail to thank them for time.
One Week: Sales Pitch or Proposal.
Two Weeks: Follow-up call.
Two Weeks: Follow-up email (follow up every two weeks until customer makes purchase).


You can use a Customer Relationship Management system such as Insightly or Hubspot or SalesForce (or countless others) to track these interactions.


Happy Systems Planning!


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