BRAND TIP TUESDAY: Help Your Audience

BRAND TIP TUESDAY: Help Your Audience

There’s no doubt about it. If you want to be successful in business, you have to offer help to the people with whom you want to do business. And you have to figure out the best method to offer this help.


Give your audience, or your tribe – you know, the raving fans who have been customers and fully support you – repeated value. When you do, these tribe members will come back repeatedly and won’t hesitate to tell others all about your products or services.


The key to building a tribe is create a following that you have direct access to on a consistent basis. The goal is for you to stay on your target’s radar by offering them valuable information. In this way, when the customer is ready to make a purchase in your industry, you’ll be their first choice.


Here are some questions to consider when thinking about how you want to build your tribe.

  • Do you want to host special events?
  • Do you want to rely on social media advertising
  • Do you want to rely on e-mail marketing?
  • Do you want to host your own social media group on Facebook or LinkedIn or Google+?
  • Do you want to host webinars to help people?


Decide how you want to build your community. And DO IT!


Not to beat a dead horse, but my friend, G.C. Denwiddie, offers additional insight on tribe building in her latest book.



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