BRAND TIP TUESDAY: Highlight Value, Not Cost

BRAND TIP TUESDAY: Highlight Value, Not Cost

Value is important.


There are two things I want you to remember as it relates to value:


1) Focus your energy on highlighting the value of your work, not the cost.


When pricing your services and products, remember to consider the value of your work. Highlight all of the benefits your customer will receive upon purchase. Value is what will sell. People always, ALWAYS want to know how they will benefit. How they benefit is your value.


Those who understand value will purchase. Those who don’t won’t (those aren’t the customers you need anyway).


2) Focus on delivering high-quality, high-value content to showcase your expertise. 


Quality content equals quality customers. This is almost always the case – especially on social media. Consider what type of high-value content you can give away on social media. This content can be self-generated, meaning you create it; or, it can be self-curated, meaning you find it. No matter the case, the content must be helpful. It must add value to the lives of your customers. Equally important is that your content must highlight your area of expertise and help position you and your business as an authority in your industry.


Think about the types of content you can share on social media. Can you share great pictures, videos, blogs, webinars, photo quotes, or a mixture of all of it? Where will you share it? Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn?


Your homework?


Check out this blog post on how to monetize social media.


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