Did you know that looks really DO matter?


In business, I mean.


Specifically, the look, or aesthetics, of your overall brand matter a great deal.


Beauty really IS in the eye of the beholder. And when your customers are beholding the image of your business in their eyes, you want them to be attracted to what they see.


Therefore, your aim should be to use the information you know about your customer to develop a cohesive brand that attracts and compels them to do business with you.


Notice I didn’t say that you – personally – have to be attracted to the aesthetics. Yes, you should incorporate design elements that make your heart smile. But, that is not what is most important. What is most important that the look and feel of your brand makes your customers’ hearts smile.


Remember, consistency is key in design. Each element of your brand should flow together. That means you should have a similar look and feel on your web site as you have on your social media platforms and your printed marketing materials, etc.


This goes beyond a logo, colors and patterns. This involves your messaging, which should also be consistent, and your actions, which should align with your message.


Here’s your homework:


Evaluate your brand at present. Take a look at the following checklist and determine if each is cohesive and attractive to your ideal customer.


Unsure if your ideal customer likes what you’ve put together? Find a few and ask them for their honest opinion (leave friends and family out).



  • Logo?
  • Colors?
  • Fonts?
  • Textures?
  • Professional Pictures?
  • Graphic Elements?
  • Web Design?
  • Social Media Design?


If one or more of these things is off, you’re probably not attracting your ideal customer.


Need help getting a consistent image that represents your brand?


Let us know. We’ll point you in the right direction.

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