Do You Have Common Cent$? I Sure Do!

I had a blast talking with David Tiller during Common Cent$: The Money Show on Jazzy 88.1 WFSK-FM.


I recently met David, who is the public information officer for the Nashville branch of the Small Business Administration (SBA), while attending steering committee meetings with the group that is tasked planning the activities for Nashville Minority Enterprise Development Week (MED Week). I (along with the lovely people at DENOR Brands & Public Relations) have the distinct pleasure of working with the Nashville Minority Business Center (NMBC) to develop the communication and marketing strategy for the week. The NMBC is partnering with the SBA to produce MED Week. And thus, a new friendship was borne.unnamed


When David invited me on the show he co-hosts with two other business development experts, I was excited about the chance to join him. To me, speaking to David and Common Cent$ listeners afforded me the opportunity to talk about two things that are of great importance to me: business and revenue. David sweetened the pot for me – he wanted me to discuss business, revenue and social media. Specifically, he wanted me to talk about how business owners could use social media to make money. THAT is my area of specialty; I was happy to oblige.


We talked everything during the one-hour show. We talked business, content marketing, books, MED Week, Nashville and, of course, how business owners can see the return on investment in social media. We even had a chance to mention a few of my favorite people, including Angela Crane Jones of the Nashville Business Incubation Center, Renee Bobb of RBI Enterprises, G.C. Denwiddie who is author of #BossLiving: A Practical Guide for Starting Your Sustainable Small Business, and more. You can listen to the audio of our interview here.


Listen to my interview on Common Cent$: The Money Show on Jazzy 88.1 WFSK-FM.

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