Finding Purpose Amidst Passion

I am in constant pursuit of aligning my life with my purpose.


I believe that my natural gifts and my passions will lead me to my purpose. I believe that by using my gifts and serving others, I will be able to zero in on my life’s calling. By doing so, I believe I will achieve the ultimate happiness and success I crave.


In my personal life and in business, I hope to ensure each action I take is tied to my purpose.


While I recognize that I am naturally gifted as a communicator, I have pursued careers as a journalist, public servant, public relations and marketing entrepreneur and dedicated volunteer. I’ll admit I am not completely sure that I know what I was born to do.


I think I am supposed to share meaningful information, offer compelling insights, and a different perspective. I think I am supposed to write, speak and lift my voice, when possible, in a way that will spur positivity. I also think I am supposed to help others get access to meaningful, valuable information that causes them to advocate for positive change. That value is at the root of my work at DENOR Brands & Public Relations. It’s actually the entire reason why I do what I do.


I hope this is my purpose. I am deeply passionate about it.


Yet, it is hard to be purpose driven in a world that seems to be passion driven.


There are countless messages hurled at us that tell us to “discover your passion,” “passion speaks louder,” “start your business with passion,” “live your life with passion,” “pursue your passion.”


These messages are inspiring.


They also only tell one side of the story.


If you are like me (and I suspect a lot of people are), then you’re probably multi-passionate.


I am passionate about so many things. I am passionate about mental health awareness, affordable healthcare, access to proven high-quality public education, organizational behavior, my hair, not becoming morbidly obese, learning yoga, my family, eliminating the hairs on my chin, public relations, brand development…the list goes on and on.


Imagine what type of business I would have if I listened to the side of the coin that only told me to build my business around my passions. Who would I be if I spent all of my time pursuing my passions?


Sadly, I see many entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs, who really do build their businesses and brands around their passions. All of them.


I know a woman who has a business in which she bakes cupcakes, does event planning, public speaking and advocates women’s empowerment.


I know another woman whose business is community activism, and makeup application, selling makeup and advocates women’s empowerment.


I know a woman who is a public relations professional and a journalist, simultaneously.


I know of another woman who does graphic design, photography, brand development, marketing and multilevel marketing.


I know another one who promises clients she can build their brands on social media, does event planning and manages careers.


I know of a beauty consultant who does copy writing, modeling and health coaching.


Seriously, these women run one fledgling business, one brand with multiple offerings that are often unrelated and not complementary.


These talented, driven women haven’t quite figured out their scope.


Their businesses run on passion. They believe the hype about being different. They tell themselves and others (and I’ve personally heard this, so I know it is true), ‘my business cannot be put into a box. I cannot be put into a box.’


NEWSFLASH: Marketing is the backbone of any business. And to market your business you have to put your target audience in a box. And you have to put your business in that same box so they can find you. Marketing and business is all about boxes, people.


The thing about going full throttle on passion is that it often fades.


I used to be completely and totally passionate about Vince Vaughn. Today, I’m very much more passionate about Idris Elba (alright, I still love Vince Vaughn). In high school, my entire life was band and music. In college, my entire life was based around journalism.


As we evolve as people, our passions do, too. It is natural. But there is one thing about life that never changes and that is our purpose. I think life is about discovering your purpose – whether it happens to be entrepreneurial or not. T.D. Jakes explains it best here.


When I was preparing to launch my (now stalled) podcast, I had a conversation about this very thing with Cha Jones. Even though, I’m still working out the kinks of podcasting, I want to share the audio with you. Listen to it here.


Passion is important. Purpose is transformative.


Tell me, how are you living your life and/or building your business with purpose? Drop me a line in the comments below or let me know in my Facebook group, #LiveYourBrand.


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  • Brandon
    Posted at 05:32h, 05 September Reply

    Great blog about purpose. I Watched the Td Jakes video..thx fit sharing.

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