Getting to the Moon: Learn How to Execute Your Business Like a BOSS!


When G.C. Denwiddie contacted me to be a part of her latest project, it was a no brainer for me to say, ‘YES!’


Her idea was simple and genius: she would write an easy, concise book for newbie business owners to help them overcome the information overload that is common with launching a new business. She would also reach out to successful entrepreneurs whom she admires and ask them to contribute their written insights about the subject matter they know best.



The resulting work?


The book, #BossLiving: A Practical Guide to Starting Your Sustainable Small Business, which launches later this month.


I could not be happier for her. I am equally overjoyed that I am lucky enough to be among the entrepreneurs she called upon to share insight.


Ms. Denwiddie is a real go getter. An author (she mostly writes children’s literature) and entrepreneur (she also manages a virtual assistant directory for small business owners), she is all about helping other people access the tools they need to shine. It’s a love she and I both share. While she is passionate about her children’s books, she’s also passionate about equipping others with what they need to be successful. It’s the reason why she started DigiSmartz, it’s why she spends time helping other writers learn how to earn a living for their work, and it is most certainly why she was compelled to write #BossLiving. I am honored to be a part of her journey.


#BossLiving is written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The book offers easy-to-read, practical advice on how aspiring entrepreneurs can take steps to begin starting their business from scratch. The book also offers proven guidance from business owners who have already suffered through what I like to call The Getting Started Blues.


Readers will hear from: the intuitive business coach, Michael Mapes (who, by the way, is absolutely CRUSHING IT on LinkedIn) will share his knowledge on how to create a winning business sales strategy, and Alexis Grant, founder of The Write Life and SocialExis, who will give her insight on how to use PayPal more efficiently. Readers will also learn from raw vegan and wellness caterer Kendalyn McKisick, one of the founders of That’s So Raw, and retail entrepreneur Tara Seals, founder of Body Decor Boutique, who will both share their insightful tips on how to find balance within business and your personal life.


Readers will also get the opportunity to pick up a few helpful hints on how to rocket launch their business to the moon by creating a dynamic brand narrative. My entry is titled: Getting to the Moon: Learning how to #LiveYourBrand. An excerpt from my detailed, no-nonsense (HA!) passage follows:


It is easy to be seduced by the promise of entrepreneurship – of becoming the captain of your own ship, of taking charge of your own destiny, and of joining the small tribe called ‘Business Owner.’ However, greater than the seduction of business ownership is the stark reality that if your great idea – your business – isn’t attractive to your customers, if they don’t have a clear understanding of how your business adds significant value to their life, you’ll end up another statistic. You’ll be among the 50 percent of new business owners who are forced to shut down within five years. Or, probably much worse, you’ll stay on your sinking ship until it’s too late to get in the lifesaver.

The entrepreneurial bug is a powerful thing. And so is failure. 

Still, there is hope.

You can skip the sinking ship and rocket launch your business to the moon. You can absolutely, positively define your brand, develop your story and share it with the world – repeatedly.

In the minds of many people, especially potential clients before they begin work with me, branding is simply the sum of your colors, logo and business card design. If I’m lucky, those new business owners may also think branding involves their business web site and social media channels. That logic is spot on. But, it is also short sighted.

Brand development is so much more. Most new people in the Business Owner Tribe are grappling with clearly articulating WHO they are, WHO they serve, HOW they help, their RESULTS in doing whatever wonderful thing they do, and WHY they do it to their IDEAL audience. These things – this series of whos, hows, whys, and results – put together can make a powerful brand narrative.

Your compelling brand story combined with deliberate and consistent actions that are aligned with your message so that you actually #LiveYourBrand – you know, talk the talk AND walk the walk – can be explosive. If done correctly, you might as well get that rocket ship ready. If left unclear or untouched, call someone in your ‘Amen’ corner so s/he can get the lifesaver ready for you.


I can’t even begin to describe how FUN this writing process was. It is my hope that all who purchase a copy of the book find it insightful. All-in-all, readers will have the opportunity to learn from six passionate entrepreneurs, including me. I’ve read the entire book – I think it’s definitely worth a read.


#BossLiving: A Practical Guide to Starting Your Sustainable, Small Business will be available for purchase THIS MONTH. I hope you’ll check it out.


If you’re already hooked, and you’d like to receive updates about #BossLiving, sign up here.

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