I’m Honored to Serve

One of the best parts about participating in the Young Leaders Council, is that I was able to connect with some great people who I am sure will be life-long associates.

The greatest part about these new connections is that each person with whom I interacted is actively engaged in something – whether a hobby or  a career or other passion – that is interesting or useful to me in some way. One YLC classmate happens to serve as president on the board of Purpose Preparatory Academy – the school I visited weeks ago. And guess what else? Now I’ll get the chance to serve on that school’s board as well.

As part of the requirements for YLC participation, each graduate must select a nonprofit board to serve as a board member intern for one year. I’m super excited to lend my time and other resources to help more students became prepared for their future academic pursuits.

For me, this role – albeit, as an intern – is HUGE.

If you know me, you know that I am passionate about education and how it can be used to improve the lives and guide the futures of our children. I really believe Purpose Prep is doing its part to improve the education outcomes for the students and families under its care. I also believe the school has a real opportunity to bring about positive change, and it is an honor to become a part of these promising changes.



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