I’m teaching a new class!

The Nashville Business Incubation Center is sponsoring a six-series social media workshop, called Social Media 101, for small business owners. The weekly series begins on Wednesday, February 4 and ends on Wednesday, March 11.

Participants who take the FREE (yes, free!) class will learn the following:

  • How to identify the types of content that work best for each leading social platform,
  • How to develop engaging social media content,
  • How to decided which social platforms to use,
  • The best practices and strategies to use on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube,
  • How to use social advertising to boost engagement and awareness,
  • How to develop a 12-month social engagement plan to grow your business and make you money.

The best part about all of this? I’m teaching it!

Social media is here to stay. Brands without a social media presence are likely doomed to failure. If you want to be successful in business, you must determine how to leverage social media to grow your business and connect to your ideal clients.

To help you along, I’ve put together a few tips that should be beneficial to you as you go along your social media journey.


Provide a solid answer to WHY you or your brand is engaged on whatever platforms you’ve chosen. Ask yourself: Is my target audience using this platform? | Are people engaging with me on this network? | Am I engaging others? | Is it relatively easy for me to be consistent | Am I being consistent? | Can I create opportunities to highlight my product or services? |Why am I using this network?


Determine which social platforms your audience frequents, and only engage in those networks.


Find and follow at least FIVE people relevant in your industry on your chosen social media platforms.


Find and join at least FIVE industry-specific groups on your chosen social media platforms. Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook are great places to start.


Be active on social media three times per week. Start by posting something relevant TODAY.


Post a question on LinkedIn or Facebook. Follow and respond to the responses.


Share at least two pieces of relevant content from others each week.


Use hastags.org or whatthetrend.com or twubs.com to identify hashtags relevant to your industry. Start tagging your posts with those hashtags. As an extra step, you can also tag the location in which you are interested in doing business and the location in which your business is based.


Use the hashtags to identify interesting conversations and jump in!


Browse the content and interactions in the groups you join. Search hashtags to read the comments associates with it. See what interests your ideal client and your peers. Tailor your content based on their interests. Listen to see what issues they’re experiencing and see if you and your business can solve their problem.


Numbers don’t lie, but fake ones do.

It’s important to gain a large following. However, its more important to have a following that’s connected and engaged in our posts – even if it’s smaller than what you’d like.

To learn more about these tips, feel free to view the full presentation on my SlideShare account.

If you’re in Nashville, you can register for the free class here.

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