Monetize Your Passion is a Success!

For the third time, I traveled to Louisiana to share my insights on what it is like to be a creative entrepreneur during the Monetize Your Passion Conference.

The MYP Conference is an interactive one-day conference for creative entrepreneurs. “MYP” stands for Monetize Your Passion and refers to the popular book released by creative entrepreneurship coach and DuPlessis Agency founder, Chloe’ DuPlessis.

Before the start of the conference, the organizers asked me what it meant to be a creative entrepreneur. This is what I said:

“Creative entrepreneurship is all about one thing: solving problems in an innovative, sometimes disruptive way. In my mind, you can only be an entrepreneur if you actually get paid to solve problems. I’ve been an entrepreneur for my entire life – well before I decided to start a business. I got paid to solve problems in my career as an employee. And I got paid to solve problems even before I became an employee.Today, businesses, organizations, schools, and individuals have trouble communicating with the audiences they wish to serve; eight years ago I started a company to help them do just that. I am a professional, innovative solutionist (or creative entrepreneur), and I’ve been that way since birth.”

You can learn more about the conference here.

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