Think. Feel. Say. Do.

I understand.

I’ve been where you likely are right now. I’ve developed a new product or a new service, and I’ve readied to launch my new offering to the masses. I’m willing to bet some of you are strategically waiting until the New Year to launch your new line of business or business activities.

I get it. I really do.

You’re ready to launch your new stuff. You’re waiting until the right time to do it. But, then, something happens. You have this new, shiny offering, but then you realize you have no idea how you’re going to market it. What do you say? To whom do you say it? Where do you begin?

The agony.

I can help. I’ll tell you where you should begin. You should start with relating to your ideal customer. Your ideal or target customer could be 25-year-old women who live in Dallas and own small dogs. Or, your ideal customer could be coaches, therapists, authors and speakers who are entrepreneurs and live in Canada and have been in business less than five years.

You should relate to the clients or customers of your DREAMS. Not those with whom you don’t have a passion for helping. This group of people may not even be your current customer base. However, when you are gearing up to launch your new awesome sauce in 2015 you need to be sure you’re specifically and strategically communicating with those who fit your ideal client type.

So how do we relate to these ideal clients, Ashley?

Good question. You relate to these people by shifting your energy and your thoughts to understand their feelings. You need to understand what they want and what they need. You absolutely need to get clear on their perspective. Only then can you develop clear, compelling messages about your new offerings.

Many times we get caught up in how WE think, what WE feel, what WE want to say and what WE want to do.

Instead, we should focus our thoughts on how we want our customer to Think, FeelSay and Do as it relates to your offering. Figuring this out will help you zero in on your customer’s perspective. The Perspective Map will help you develop a customer-focused message about your offering. This message will be what you use to market your brand-spanking new awesome sauce.

Here’s what you need to do: Take out a sheet of paper. Draw a large box. Draw one line vertically that splits the box in half from left to right. Draw a horizontal line that splits the box in half from top to bottom. You should have four quadrants. In each of the quadrants, write down one of the actions: ThinkFeelSayDo.

In your Think Box, write down everything you want your ideal customer to think about your new product or service. In your Feel Box, write down everything you want your customer to feel about your product or service. Do the same things for what your Say and Do boxes.

Use these lists to develop a clear message that will attract your ideal client. I’ve done this countless times and trust me, it works!

Remember, your brand is not about you. It’s all about your customer.

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