What’s Your One Thing?

We’re less than one month away from the start of the New Year, and I think it is awfully important to set (and stick to) goals for the upcoming year.


I’m not talking about setting New Year’s Resolutions that you’ll never, ever stick to. I’m talking about setting a reasonable goal to grow your business in the New Year. It doesn’t have to be some big, audacious goal. It can be a goal that is really small. Something really simple.


Really, all the goal has to do is accomplish one thing: get you closer to creating the business and life you want.


I need you to decide one thing. One thing that you can do each month that will get you closer to your business goals. Your one thing could be the same thing in January as it is in December and all the other months in between. Or, it could be a different thing each month.


I’d like you to take out some scratch paper and write down each month. Beside each month, I want you to write down the one thing you plan to do that month to get you closer to creating the business and life you desire.


I’ll share with you MY one thing. For me, I pledge to attend at least one networking event each month in 2015. At each event, I plan to meet at least one person with whom I believe I can develop a genuine relationship.


Believe it or not, as big as my personality is, I struggle with this quite a bit. Networking events can be tedious and overwhelming for me. Sometimes people try to sell you on a product or service during the first encounter. Yikes. Others push their business card on you, forcing you to take it. Double yikes buy tadalafil. Usually, I stand alongside the wall and wait for someone to approach me. Or, I kind of walk around aimlessly, waiting to be stopped by some eager beaver. I’m really no good at this. But, I promise to be better.


When you’re trying to get ahead in your career or when you run a business, networking is uber important. However, for me, I do not plan to “network for the sake of networking.” I plan to make real connections with real people.


So, tell me: what’s your ONE THING?

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